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Estimate of Giving 2021 “All Together Now”

October 9, 2020

Scripture teaches us that we are not made to be alone. We are made to fit together like the pieces of a puzzle each with their own unique part to play. So, it’s God’s plan that we are ALL TOGETHER NOW. Community is a gift given to magnify life’s joys and serve as a source […]

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Looking Ahead

October 14, 2020

Dear family and friends of First Pres, Pastor Nic did a wonderful job last Sunday in laying the foundation for this year’s Estimate of Giving focus, and this week I will build upon his notion that we are “All Together Now.” He reminded us to reflect upon the little gods we create in displacing our […]

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Our calendar of events is filled with numerous programs, classes and events to help us to continue to grow in our faith through fellowship.

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