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Planned Giving

Planned Giving Guide

What is the Neumann Society?

First Pres members who see their resources as a trust from God and choose to invest a portion of their wealth today in order to provide a faith legacy for future generations comprise the Neumann Society.  We are grateful to those that came before us for the ministries they’ve made possible.

Members of the Neumann Society take the time now to remember the church in their will through planned giving.

The Neumann Society is named after FPC’s late Emeritus Pastor, Rev. Dr. Richard E. Neuman, who set an example of giving of self.


What is Planned Giving?

Planned giving is far more than a transaction, it is…

OPPORTUNITY…  to continue powering the mission and ministries of this church – from heaven.

THE GIFT OF A LIFETIME…  when we pass, most of us have the opportunity to make the largest and most impactful gift of our lives.

LEADERSHIP…  a planned gift is a witness to others to re-deploy their resources in ways that reflect God’s grace – during their lifetimes and after.


More Information…

We have provided a full guide on how to plan your estate and a helpful workbook that will help you prepare for the next steps.