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Looking Ahead

Dear family and friends of First Pres,
We are fast approaching the third Sunday in Advent which is also known as Gaudete Sunday or Joy Sunday. The Advent candle’s color is changed from the penitential color purple to pink or rose-pink to symbolize joy. In his sermon on this Sunday from 2014, Pope Francis said that instead of fretting about “all they still haven’t” done to prepare for Christmas, people should “think of all the good things life has given you.” What a novel idea!
And yet, we have to hold in tension the call to rejoice with Sunday’s lection from Luke 3: 7-18 with John the Baptizer starting off by calling the people “You brood of vipers!” This follows upon last Sunday’s message where John is calling us to prepare a way for the Lord, i.e. renew our relationship with Messiah; however, if we are not careful, we might get spiritual whiplash trying to discern what John is really trying to say! Sunday’s message will attempt to untangle John’s message and its correlation to Joy Sunday! I would encourage you to read ahead and see if you can make your own connections!

Our beloved Minister of Music, Robin McEachern, is sharing a brief video with us with information about the Annual Christmas Concert taking place this Sunday that I am asking you to take a look at. We’ve got an exciting Sunday coming ahead!
Remember who you are, you are a child of God! Learn, live and share the Story of Christ and be His loving hands and feet to the world!  I am
Your pastor and friend,

Looking Ahead

Dear Friends,

Join us in worship this Sunday, July 10th, as Nic Merchant brings us God’s word.  The Scripture passage this week will be Amos 7:7-15.  Let us be fervent in preparing our hearts to receive God’s message as we humbly seek to be formed in Christ’s image.
With love,
Your First Presbyterian Church Family