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Looking Ahead

Dear family and friends of First Presbyterian,

Following our incredible Rally Day last Sunday, we are jumping right in with fellowship and formation events on Wednesday evenings and beginning this Sunday morning at 9:45 a.m.! We invite you to come this Sunday and pick up a grab-n-go breakfast box in the Fellowship Hall and then settle back to learn about the new Sunday morning spiritual formation classes. You will hear from our Sunday morning facilitators and group leaders about each of the classes so you can make a choice on how you want to grow your faith.

For worship, we will continue to make our way through the Gospel of Mark and pick up in the Story at Mark 9:30-37. Once again, we find the disciples bantering back and forth as they make their way to Capernaum. Jesus asks them what they were talking about, but they were too ashamed to let him know.  Well, never one to miss a teaching moment, Jesus lets the disciples know he is all too aware of what their banter was about and then shares with them the secret of being a true disciple of his. Nothing in our Story makes sense to the disciples and this Sunday we will plumb the depths and see if it makes sense to us. The title of my message is, “Striving to be last in line.”

Finally, Oneblood will be at church this Sunday morning from 9 to 2 to take blood or much needed platelets.  If you can give blood this weekend, click this link and you can sign up online.

Friends let’s share the winsome Story of Christ and be his hands and feet in the world!  I can’t wait to see you Sunday, and remember, bring someone with you to be a part of the best two hours of your week!

You pastor and friend,

Patrick Wrisley, Pastor