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In-Person Worship Suspended

Dear family and friends of First Pres,

Back in the November Session meeting, your church officers were very conscious of the uptick in virus cases occurring both locally and nationally.  With proactive prudence, the Elders wisely created criteria to follow in case the COVID numbers spiked during the winter holidays of 2020. It agreed that if the number of positive cases are above a 10% rolling average for two consecutive weeks in Broward County, then we would temporarily suspend in-person worship on Sunday mornings. The Florida Department of Health confirmed this reality yesterday.

Your safety is of the upmost importance to us as we make our way through this pandemic. This is an illness that has personally affected both members and guests in our church community and we are taking it most seriously.

What this means is that we will revert to our previously established COVID protocols which can be found on the church’s website. For worship, it means for the short-term, we will have worship via Livestream and Facebook from the church’s sanctuary; there will not be in-person worship until there is a two-week consecutive decline in positivity rates in Broward.

It grieves us to make this announcement and we are so ready to get back to whatever new normal awaits us. In the meantime, be intentional in reaching out to members of the church you know who are isolated. Whether it is through Zoom, Face Time, email, calls, texts, or cards, make the habit of reaching out to ten people each week. Be the winsome presence of Christ to others! I am


Humbly yours,
Pastor Patrick