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Christmas Message from Your Pastor

My family and friends of First Pres,

Merry Christmas to you and to all those you love!  I love Christmas because it is a season of new beginnings that call us to be still from the cacophonous din of our daily grind.



Pianist, Composer, Conductor and Artist in Residence at Concordia University in Austin, TX, Joe Martin, wanted to produce a national project that could bring rays of light and hope in a year that’s been so hard for so many people.  He writes,  “We started The Virtual Singing Christmas Tree to be an encouragement to choir programs that have been impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic. Many churches and community choirs are not able to meet in person and we wanted to provide creative options for singers everywhere.”

So, Dr. Martin,  began to dream beyond just doing a traditional virtual choir experience. He reached out to some of the nation’s leading musicians to join his efforts and before long he had a concert called, “The Virtual Singing Christmas Tree; a gathering of hope, a concert of joy.”

First Presbyterian Choirs (Cathedral, Chapel and Caroler) met independently via zoom for a few weeks to learn, practice and rehearse for this beautiful, new, virtual ministry. Once prepared, many choir members recorded their individual songs and submitted them themselves! However, with the help of Ross Bridger and Cathy Bean, many choir members came to our beautiful sanctuary to record their parts for this concert. As our own Gretchen Fasulo says, “The joy of singing once again for our Lord and Savior at Christmas and having the opportunity to share this with our church family is a unique and special gift during this very challenging year.”

If you click here, you will be taken to some of the music our members performed for their Church family.  Look closely at the Christmas Tree and you will see some sweet familiar faces! Thank you to our wonderful Choral Ministry in making this possible! I hope you enjoy this little gift members of our First Pres family helped prepare for you. Merry Christmas!

Your pastor and friend,