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I hope that you are looking forward to gathering together for worship this Sunday as much as I am.

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I am excited about what we have in store these next three weeks. Throughout the month of November, more than 60 churches from across South Florida will be preaching through a common teaching series called Undivided, emphasizing the unity of the church. This three-week series is meant to remind and reorient the people of God around the reality that the Church – the people of God – whether Republican or Democrat – black or white – is united by Jesus, called to the same mission, and is meant to serve as a demonstration of God’s Kingdom lived out on earth. Worship reminds us who our creator is, who our redeemer is, and that we are united in God’s love for us. This weekly reorientation is so critical particularly within the context of all that is going on in our community. I am thankful for that reminder and I hope you are too.

Check out the Sermon Sneak Peek below:



You will find it helpful to read the text ahead of time from Matthew 25:1-13