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Looking Ahead

Dear friends and family of First Pres,

Last week, we continued our journey through Matthew’s gospel and looked at the notion of “What’s in your wallet?” In other words, we zeroed-in on the source where each of us takes and forms our Christian identity and ultimate loyalty. We noted that our personal loyalties, when taken together, shape and design the loyalty and identity we express as a corporate Body of the church called First Presbyterian. This week, we are continuing in Matthew’s Story by looking at Matthew 22:34-40, where Jesus is still getting grilled by the religious officials in the Temple about how to interpret the Law. In an attempt to trip him up, a religious scholar asks, “What is the most important commandment?” Please read the scripture for this weekend and be thinking, “How does the locus where I place my foremost loyalty impact how I would answer the religious scholar’s question?”

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We also talked about puzzle pieces last week and how when we act all together, we can complete a beautiful portrait of grace for God. Mike and Debra House reminded us that if we take it up a notch, “Then BAM!” we make a difference. For some of you, taking it up a notch might mean making an Estimate of Giving for the very first time. Taking it up a notch for some others might be resuming the spiritual practice of making an estimate of giving that has dropped out of your life in the last few years.  Then again, taking it up a notch for some of us might mean to increase what we have given in the past, as we seek to help the Church grow into deeper ministry. The result of taking it up a notch from wherever you are in your giving spiritual tradition will result in a giant “BAM!” and will boost what we are able to accomplish in 2021.

Finally, I want to thank those who made an estimate of giving in 2020 and are planning on it in 2021. This year has impacted all of our finances, and the church has not been exempt from that fact; what we have noticed this year is that those who have made an estimate of giving are the ones who are keeping us going and moving forward. We Session and leaders can’t thank you enough!

Remember who you are, child of God! Share the winsome Story of Jesus and together, let’s transform Broward County and beyond!



Patrick Wrisley