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Looking Ahead

Dear family and friends of First Pres,

Pastor Nic did a wonderful job last Sunday in laying the foundation for this year’s Estimate of Giving focus, and this week I will build upon his notion that we are “All Together Now.” He reminded us to reflect upon the little gods we create in displacing our love for the great Triune God.

Our scripture this week comes from Matthew 22:13-22. The setting is the Temple and the religious authorities are trying to trip Jesus up in making some heretical statement that would cause him to be arrested. The scene begins all the way back in Matthew 21:23 and extends to all the way through to the end of chapter 23.  When an author slows the narrative down this much, he or she wants us as readers to pay attention to what is happening in the story. I highly encourage you to read Matthew 21:23 through chapter 23 and see how our text for Sunday fits into this storyline. The message is entitled, “What’s in Your Wallet?”

Check out the Sermon Sneak Peek below:


Beloved, don’t forget to pre-register for worship on the church website, mobile app, or by clicking here. Remember that there are three different points of entry, so if one line seems a little long, slip around to the side of the sanctuary at the other doors, and there will be people to check you in there as well. We so appreciate everyone following the guidelines with registration, mask wearing, distancing, and being led to and from your seats. It is because of your accommodating spirit we are able to be back together again.

Remember who you are; you are a child of God! Share the winsome news of Jesus to those you know and be his hands and feet to a broken and hurting world.  It would also be a good idea to get a flu shot!

See ya’ Sunday!