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Estimate of Giving 2021 “All Together Now”

Scripture teaches us that we are not made to be alone. We are made to fit together like the pieces of a puzzle each with their own unique part to play.

So, it’s God’s plan that we are ALL TOGETHER NOW. Community is a gift given to magnify life’s joys and serve as a source of support in times of hardship. For example, supporting one another through the pandemic in virtual worship, Bible studies, providing food to those in need, and making masks for our first responders we have learned there is such a thing as socially distanced community, that we are ALL TOGETHER even NOW.

We are also learning to adapt. While our congregation is overflowing with faithful promise keepers – collectively fulfilling our estimates of giving this year – not passing a plate each week means that loose offerings have decreased. In response we have set a goal of increasing giving 15.7% this year to fund our missions and ambitions for 2021. So, we are inviting you to do 1 of 2 things.

We encourage you to provide your unique piece to the puzzle, showing support for our collective mission making an estimate of giving for 2021.

To submit your Estimate of Giving, please follow this link: https://firstprescommitment.com/your-commitment/