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Looking Ahead

Dear friends and family of First Pres,

Looking ahead to worship this week, I wanted to share a few important items with you which I hope will bring a sense of comfort and joy to you. We will continue to spend time in Paul’s letter to the church in Philippi and will look at Philippians 3:4-14. Specifically, we will look at our citizenship and how that ties into our Old Testament reading in Exodus 20 looking at the Ten Commandments.

To view the recorded Sermon Sneak Peek:


What I am really excited about is that this Sunday is World Communion Sunday and yes, we will be serving communion at church for the first time since March 8!  It will be a little different from what we are typically used to in this time of COVID and in the video Sneak Peek for today, I’ll show what it looks like!

For those of you who cannot attend services on Sunday in-person, let me share with you something the Session has approved this week!  The Elders are asking that if you cannot make it to in-person worship, then we encourage you to have prepared for the Livestream service on Sunday a piece of bread you normally use at home and some type of juice from the fruit of the vine. We will take communion together both live and in-person and on Livestream. The mystical power of the Holy Spirit will bind all of us together as One Body of Christ Jesus.  I go into a little more detail in the video Sneak Peek.

Beloved, please stay safe and well.  I am so looking forward to getting connected with you through the Supper this week!


Your pastor and friend!