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Looking Ahead

Dear family and friends of First Pres,

It was so good to see so many faces last week at worship!  Sure, everyone had a mask on, but I could see you in person! My temptation was to head out and ‘work the crowd’ but I resisted; I needed to set a good example and not go around shaking hands. Kudos to everyone who followed the procedures and guidance of our ushers as it made for a smooth experience. Remember to reserve a spot for Sunday by this Friday evening by either calling the church directly, using the church app, or clicking here to register..

View the recorded Sermon Sneak Peek below:


Last Sunday, we experienced a technical problem with our Livestream, and we are sorry about that.  The problem was on Livestream’s end and not the church’s, and quite frankly, I am surprised and grateful it has not happened before in the last six months!

This Sunday, we are going to continue with our look at Philippians text and focus on verses 2:1-11.  It’s an ancient church hymn that proclaims the vital nature of Jesus and what he has done for all creation. Scholars are not sure who wrote the hymn portion of the text; many believe it was in use during the early church and Paul was quoting from some rudimentary Christian hymnal of sorts.  I will be building my thoughts around the title, “From Empty Shelves to Empty Selves.”

Friends, share the winsome good news of Jesus, be an incarnational presence where you live and work, and together, let’s start transforming our world beginning right here in Broward County!


Still in One Peace,

Patrick Wrisley, Pastor