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Looking Ahead

Dear Family and friends of First Pres,

This week will be looking at one of the most discussed and argued-over texts in Matthew’s Gospel that focuses on Peter as the Rock of the Church and his “ministry of the keys.”  We will look at Matthew 16:13-20 and see what it has to do with you and me.  The first scripture reading will be from Romans 12:1-8.  Spend time between now and Sunday to see how the Spirit reveals the linkages between these two texts from the lectionary.  Let the question Jesus asks in Matthew 16:15 lean in on you a bit (No, I’m not going to tell you what it is; you have to look it up!). How would you answer it?

View the recorded Sneak Peak below:


I just want to give a huge shout-out to our Happyland leaders, teachers, and kids! Everyone is working so hard to create a fun, safe, and meaningful learning space for our preschool kids! Please hold them all in your prayers as this ministry begins a new year.

Finally, your Task Force for Reopening the Campus to in-person worship has been hard at work, and is sending a recommendation to the August 27’s Session Meeting with a date to resume in-person worship. The medical criteria has been trending down for two weeks in a row now, and the Team is proposing a time to regather as an in-person worshipping community.  If the Session concurs with the recommendation, we hopefully will be coming together when the new sanctuary HVAC comes online!

Let’s keep looking out for one another! If someone comes to your mind, give them a call or shoot them a note.  Let’s demonstrate that people will know us by our love!

See you Sunday!