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Facilities Updates and the Neumann Society

Over the past 4 months, virtual worship has grown increasingly familiar. However, in speaking with many of you, it’s clear that we yearn to return to our church and to worship in-person with one another.

When that day comes, you will likely notice several important projects have progressed despite the hardships imposed by COVID-19. Notable among them are:

  1. Brand New HVAC System– While the Coronavirus created innumerable difficulties for every one of us, it actually was a blessing for our HVAC project. During the height of the summer, we were able to avoid the very costly “band-aids” that would have been required while we awaited the complete replacement of our air conditioning systems. Not meeting in-person also dramatically simplified the installation of our new systems.
  2. Las Olas Parking Lot – You may have noticed while driving down Las Olas that we are now making progress and nearing completion on a landscaped parking area on Las Olas. This will create an inviting entrance off Las Olas, serve as parking for worship, provide outdoor ministry event space, and generate a stream of revenue to support our ministries before 2020 ends.
  3. Manse – Another significant project involves the upgrading of our ability to attract and house key members of our church staff. One of the manses is being completely renovated, top to bottom, and both are being outfitted with hurricane windows as well as a privacy fence. The renovation will be completed in the next month.

These projects stand as testimony to the vision and generosity of our predecessors. Faithful First Pres members made planned giving bequests over the years that have made these projects possible.  As a result, we all have the privilege of standing on their shoulders and working to put these facilities to use for God’s mission here in our church.  It is also important for us to consider our own legacies and consider how we might each help lay the groundwork for the future of the church.

One great way to do that is to join the Neumann Society, as many of our members have already done, and make a planned gift.  The Neumann Society comprises many of our members who have blessed the church with a bequest in their will.  These bequests are (1) all confidential, of course, (2) vary in amounts and form depending on the member, and (3) are often structured to minimize estate taxes and maximize the mission impact of the member’s bequest.  For more information on this subject, you might consider visiting this link.

If you’d like to speak with someone about joining the Neumann Society, please contact Steve Wofford at (954) 598-9333.  He can answer questions and direct you to some helpful materials.