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Safely Reopening Together

November 23, 2020 Update

  1. In the last few weeks, Florida as well as our own Broward County, has continued to see increase in the Covid-19 positivity rate. At this time there is no definitive standard for when to discontinue in-person ministries. In an attempt to be proactive, the team discussed various benchmarks for this kind of decision. As such, the team recommends the following:


Or, in the alternative, if two of the following three criteria (b,c,d) are met, First Presbyterian Church shall temporarily discontinue in-person ministries:


  • b. If there is a closure of hospital visitation in two of the following four primary Broward County hospitals: Broward Health System, Memorial Hospital System, Cleveland Clinic, and Holy Cross Hospital.
  • c. If there is a recommendation by State or Local Government to close churches.
  • d. If there is a recommendation by CDC to close churches.


In the event of any of the above we will revert to pre-phase.


2. Reopening, in the event of a closure, will move to reopen according to the previously approved recommendations. Specifically, two consecutive weeks for Broward County in all of the following:

  • a. Downward trajectory of influenza-like illness (ILI)
  • b. Downward trajectory of COVID-19-like illnesses (fever, cough, shortness of breath)
  • c. Downward trajectory of documented COVID-19 cases OR Downward trajectory of positive tests as a percentage of total tests.

Brief Description of the Four Phases

Pre-Opening:  Our Current Phase

Phase One: Resumption of limited worship. Staff members may choose to meet with a group of no more than 10 people in a public location while observing CDC social distancing guidelines unless otherwise specified in Detailed Schematic of the Four Phases. We will begin in the Sanctuary.

Phase Two:Increased worship service, on-site church meetings can begin to resume on campus with adequate safety guidelines.

Phase Three: Campus is fully opened and outside groups can begin utilizing our facilities.


Pastor Patrick Wrisley previously shared a letter and more information on the reopening with friends and family of First Pres.

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