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Looking Ahead

Dear Friends and Family,

Hello from First Presbyterian Church of Fort Lauderdale.  I’m Pam Masten, one of the associate pastors here and I hope you are staying healthy and staying well.  My preaching text for this Sunday, June 21st, comes from Genesis Chapter 21, starting with the birth of Isaac.  The birth story of a miracle baby born to elderly parents is a familiar story and a wonderful reminder of God’s faithfulness to his promise to make Abraham’s descendants numerous.  That’s a whole sermon in and of itself, but I’m not going to focus on that. This Sunday we are going to focus on a minor character in the narrative, whose name is Hagar.  It’s Hagar’s story I want to unpack and… let’s see how God responded.  You’ll want to read the narrative before Sunday, Genesis 21: 1-21.


As you read and listen, where do you find yourselves in this narrative? Which character in the story do you resonate with most?  How does God respond?  How would you respond?  Why was this narrative included in the Bible?  And what can we learn from Hagar’s story which is often overlooked? These are some of the questions I have wrestled with and we will continue to wrestle with these together on Sunday.

Many of you, by now, are aware that our beloved Director of Worship Robin McEachern is retiring this month.  We are happy for him as he transitions to the next phase of his life, and we will miss Robin dearly.  On Sunday we will be hearing Robin’s favorite anthems during worship as a way of honoring his service and ministry for over 20 years, as well as his final remarks…you won’t want to miss it!

Be looking for information on our in-person worship gatherings, coming very soon!

Friends, stay well, and we’ll ‘see’ you on Sunday!

Grace and peace,