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Looking Ahead

Dear family and friends of First Pres,

This week, we will be delving in Matthew 9:35-10:8. It’s a rich text and it deals with the core of being called as a disciple. I would encourage you to spend some time in the Story and ask yourself, “Have I been called by Jesus to follow him?”  Many people indicate they follow Jesus but what does that really mean?  Look at our text to see if you can find clues as to what following Jesus really means.


The Task Force for reopening church operations on campus has been meeting. They have been tasked to look at the “Three Whens”.  First, when can we to begin reopening for in-person worship; second, when are we going to begin having in person meetings at the church; third, when are we going to be able to open up for more extensive fellowship activities, food services, and outside church groups using our facilities?

They have made a recommendation to Session based upon the survey results you supplied in conjunction with the monitoring of the uptick in cases of the virus the last seven days.  The Session, your board of elders, have been sent these documents and recommendations and will be meeting on Monday evening to address this one issue. Once the Session has made their final recommendation and decision, we will post all of those documents online for you to review.

Finally, some of you have asked for written copies of the sermons I give and you can find them at my personal website, https://patrickhwrisley.com.

I am still in One Peace!

Your pastor and friend,