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Looking Ahead

Dear Family and Friends of First Pres,

This afternoon I had the privilege of delivering 500 HEPA-quality masks to Broward General Hospital made by the members of this wonderful church. The Rogers and Jacaty families and I were met with a Baker’s Dozen of Nurses who were thrilled to receive your gifts of love and grace.

There’s an old saying that you can discover the true character of a person when the times are hard. A person of good character is consistent and steady with their virtues when circumstances are positive as well as when the world feels swirly. I am humbled to see that our Church has proven to be a church of great character during these trying times.

To view this week’s Sermon Sneak Peek, click on the video below:


Oh, how I long to see and hug each of you again! You make me so proud to be your pastor and I along with all the staff and leaders look forward to the time we can physically reconnect in worship and fellowship! Many of you have asked Pam, Nic and me, “When are we going to start worshipping in person again?”  It’s a question we struggle on how to best answer daily as news from local, state and national leaders fluctuates hourly.  Although parts of Broward County will begin opening up the fourth week in May, not everything will be.

Let me share with you what we know at this point:

Our part of South Florida has not yet moved to Phase One reopening which will hopefully be soon. It is helpful to remember Churches will not open until late Phase Two or Three. Friends, we have a while to go yet. In the meantime,

Recently I preached a message regarding the church’s need to be God’s peculiar people in the world. We are living into that need while living in a peculiar time. Our character has been shaped from adversity with the redemptive loving hands of God’s grace.  We got this, Church!  More importantly, God’s got this!


Love from your pastoral team,


Patrick, Nic and Pam