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Looking Ahead


How does someone attain salvation?

Every spring for ten years I taught our 8thgrade confirmation class and on the first day of class I would give them a written test to gain a basic understanding of their relationship with their Christian faith. Some form of the above question would appear on that test each year, and each year the majority of the answers looked something like this:


by being a good person

by going to church and being a good Christian

by believing in God


What is your answer to the question?

How we answer this basic question informs both our view of God and our understanding of what this life is about.

Our text this week from Romans 4:1-5, 13-17gets to the heart of this matter by going back to the beginning and exploring the faith of Abraham. As we take an intentional approach this Lenten season I invite you to prepare for Sunday worship by doing three things:

There is a lot going on in the life of our church. You heard in worship just a couple of week ago that we are at work building our 20thHabitat House.  Kathy Craven and our Habitat Team are actively recruiting volunteers; if you’d like to join us on site for a scheduled workday email Kathy Craven, WrCrv@aol.com, to sign up. We also hope that you will be joining us over the weekend as the Kirk Singers present their 47th musical, Guys and Dolls. Students and volunteers have been hard at work under the leadership of Michael Sayers, and I am told that we can expect an excellent show with some surprise cameos.  Supporting these students as they perform is just one way we uphold our baptismal vows.

There are myriad ways you can engage here at First Pres. Our prayer as a church is that together we will approach Lent on Purpose this year and gain a deeper and richer understanding of who God is and who God created us to be.  I hope to see you at our Lenten study on Wednesday nights as we do just that.

Finally, your church staff is working to take practical precautions in light of news regarding COVID-19.  You may have noticed that we altered our communion practices at 8:30 and 9:30 worship this past week. Our facilities staff is working diligently to disinfect surfaces and ensure that hand sanitizer is available in foaming dispensers around the church campus.  Our prayers continue to be with those affected in the world and our leaders as we work together to maintain a healthy community.

I look forward to seeing you in worship this week.