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Looking Ahead

Dear family and friends of First Pres,

This Sunday marks the first Sunday of Lent, that forty-day period of reflection and examination we undertake preparing for Christ’s Passion and Easter.  Lent is a time of intentional, solemn reflection upon our spiritual lives and how that interior spiritual life is expressed outwardly towards God and others.  Oftentimes, Lent is a time of re-engaging a set of spiritual practices that lead a disciple through reflection, confession, and service toward others. We will include a bookmark in your bulletin Sunday with the church’s Thirty Core Competencies to remind you again of the ten basic Christian practices we are to be engaging in together.  The bookmark serves as a wonderful reminder of where we are in our spiritual walk and where we need to continue to grow.

Our text this Sunday comes from Genesis 2: 15-17 and 3:1-7.  You will recognize the texts as the description of what we often refer to as “original sin” as well as what we call “the Fall.”  I encourage you to tarry with these texts and see if you can correctly identify what that original sin is and how it impacts your life today.

Over our time in Lent, our Wednesday night classes, and our preaching will be about reclaiming this sacred time of year.  We will be on a journey together called, “Lent. On Purpose.”  We are excited for you to join us!

Remember who you are! You are a beloved child of God! Share the winsome news of Jesus, become an inspiring Christ-focused presence in our community transforming Fort Lauderdale and beyond!  I am


Your pastor and friend,