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Looking Ahead

Dear family and friends of First Pres,

Last Sunday, we took time to look at what Jesus’ baptism means. We learned that when Jesus got baptized by his cousin John, it was not for any sin he had committed; rather, Jesus was fulfilling all righteousness in showing us that he relates with us in every way.  Jesus’ baptism was his way of indicating to the people of his day that a new day is dawning. God is doing a new thing with the people.

This week, we will shift to John’s gospel and spend time looking at John 1:35-42. Once again, our scene begins with John and some of his disciples at Jesus’ baptism.  As John clarifies who Jesus is, these two disciples begin to follow Jesus and are confronted with an abrupt question by him and then they go and do something.  Spend some time in the text and ponder how you would answer Jesus’ pointed question. Would you respond the way the first disciples of Jesus’ did?  Why or why not?

Remember who you are! (You are a child of God!) Go share the winsome news of Jesus wherever you go and be his loving hands and feet to the world!

Your pastor and friend,