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Looking Ahead

Dear family and friends of First Pres,

Today on the Church’s liturgical calendar is the Sunday we celebrate Jesus’ baptism.  Our text is from Matthew 3:13-17. We will pick up in the Story at the point that Jesus’ cousin, John the Baptist, has begun his ministry in the Judean wilderness.  Jesus comes to the river and submits to baptism like the others.

Like John, we may scratch our heads and wonder why did Jesus, of all people, need to be baptized? We will look at this question and more about baptism this Sunday.  Do you remember your baptism?  Do you know when and where your baptism took place as a child? If you have not been baptized, why?  Would you like to be?

The issues of baptism have intrigued people for thousands of years and we will spend some time Sunday on what we understand it to be and what it means.  At our 11:00 a.m. service, we will also ordain and/or install our news class of Elders and Deacons.  It’s a great week to invite someone to join you as a guest for church!  Who are you going to invite?

Share the winsome Story of Jesus and be his hands and feet in our broken world.

Your pastor and friend,