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Looking Ahead

Happy New Year Friends,

We find ourselves on the other side of another Christmas holiday season with the possibilities of a new year ahead of us. What resolutions have you made for the new year? Any? What are your hopes and dreams for 2020 and beyond? Is your gaze set firmly on something or do you enter into the future with uncertainty, searching perhaps for God’s purpose in your surrounding realities?

Where is it that you search for purpose?

Do you look in places prescribed by God or in sources suggested by the authorities and influencers of this world?

Our text for this Sunday, Matthew 2:1-12, finds a group of people (maybe 3?) searching for “the child who has been born king of the Jews”. 

These wisemen, as we have come to know them, seek assistance from King Herod whose Roman title is “King of the Jews.” What better source of information could there be than the one holding the current title? Interestingly and perhaps unexpectedly, Herod directs them to Bethlehem. The right place!

What do we do with that fact? The villain of the story, King Herod, actually knows where to find the Christ child. So, why doesn’t he go searching himself, even if only to eliminate the threat to his throne, and what makes these magi different? This Sunday we will unpack this familiar story together and uncover how it is that these magi come to kneel at the feet of a poor Jewish child and his mother.

See you there,