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Looking Ahead

Dear First Pres Family!

Christmas blessings to you and all those you love! As we get ready for Sunday’s worship, I’m wanting to see a lot of Threefers out there! What’s a Threefer?

A Threefer is a dedicated disciple that makes it a priority to get to worship for the last Sunday of Advent, Christmas Eve, and for the Sunday immediately following Christmas! He or she has been to church three times in a week! I’m counting on you being a Threefer! 

This Sunday, my sermon is entitled, “Good Old Joe” and is built upon Matthew 2:13-23. Read ahead and spend some time in the text as it is loaded with several years’ worth of action in just ten verses. Whereas Jesus’ mother, Mary, gets a lot of press at Christmas, we will slow down and take a look at Jesus’ adoptive daddy, Joseph. What can he tell us about life and being a father preparing for a new year?

Also, this is the final Sunday of the year and I invite you to go ahead and help your church finish strong as we gear up for next year’s ministries! Our financial gifts of love will enable us to be the inspiring presence of Jesus Christ in our community. Even for those of you who have not made a gift towards the church’s ministry, it’s not too late to make a difference!

Christmas blessings from my family to yours! I’ll be looking for all you Threefers on Sunday!


Your pastor and friend,