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Looking Ahead

Dear family and friends of First Pres,
Last Sunday’s Rally Day worship and festivities were wonderful! It was so much fun to have all three services meet at one time in a unified service where classical and contemporary elements were woven together into a beautiful expression of joyful worship! I cannot begin to thank everyone who worked so hard in making the day so great! All of you who served on the Rally Day Team – thank you!
This week, we are introducing new members at our services, as well as baptizing a sweet little girl at 11 a.m.; in fact, we have baptisms at 11 a.m. for the next three weeks! Our scripture text comes from the spiritual heart of Luke’s Gospel. We will be looking at the first two of the three lost and found stories in Luke 15:1-10. Sunday’s reading addresses a lost sheep and a lost coin. The story that follows in the narrative is the story of the lost son. Even though we will only be looking at the first ten verses, read the remainder of Luke 15 and prayerfully reflect on how each of the lost but found stories tie together. What is Luke trying to get across to us? Think about who you relate with in the stories and why.
My friends, how I thank God upon every remembrance of you! Share the winsome story of Jesus and be His hands and feet in our broken and hurting world. I am
Your pastor and friend,