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Looking Ahead

Dear friends and family of First Pres,
Do you recognize the basic Christian virtue of humility in the people you know? What if you look in the mirror? What does your reflection and mine say about our level of humility? What does “humility” mean in the first place?
This Sunday, we are going to be looking at Luke 14:1, 7-14 as we meet Jesus at a religious official’s dinner party. It’s a wonderful story for us to reflect upon the inner, deep places of our heart whereupon we are guided to be in relationship with each other. Jesus provides us an example to imitate in our own lives. Another supporting text we will look at is the famous “Christ Hymn” in Philippians 2.5-11. As you prepare for Sunday’s worship and teaching, spend some time with these Biblical verses and let them marinate your soul before we engage them over the weekend.
Rally Day is coming up next week, on Sunday, September 8, 2019 and the day is going to be a lot of fun! There will be a unified service at 11 a.m. where we are asking folks from all three services to come together as a single body and have communion together. There will be worship elements from all three services from the worship band to our classical Cathedral Choir singing! Following worship, we will head outside where the smells of fresh BBQ will be smoking, bounce houses will be up for the kids, and information under the Big Tent on how you can get involved in the ministry life-blood of the church! It’s also a Sunday for folks to join the church if you have been thinking about it for a while! This is a wonderful day to invite friends or new members into our community! Dress casually!
I cannot wait to see you this Sunday! Share the winsome story of Jesus Christ and be His hands and feet in Broward and beyond! I am
Your pastor and friend,