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Looking Ahead

Question: How do you compel grown adults to dance and sing to electronic Christian music, wear animal-themed costumes, and ride around on tricycles at 9 a.m. on a weekday?
Answer: You get them to agree to volunteer for a week of Vacation Bible School (VBS).
You missed all of this and more if you were unable to join us at VBS last week. Cindy Vason and her Children’s Ministry team worked tirelessly to creatively communicate the gospel message to nearly 100 kids in our community. It was awesome AND it was a long week. Cindy and her team maintained their focus on Jesus Christ and doubled-down on their energy as the week drew to a close to ensure our young people know that God desires a relationship with them and that this church is a place where they will experience God’s loving community.
That is why they danced.
That is why they put on costumes.
That is why they rode around on whatever ridiculous vehicles we put before them.
Our volunteers and staff did all this and more to communicate to the kids “God loves you and so do we.”
Our text for this week speaks metaphorically of our Christian journey as a race and implores us to eliminate distractions and maintain our focus on Jesus Christ, the pioneer and perfecter of our faith. The text also reminds us we are not alone. God has created us to be in community with people that will dance, with people that will sing, with people that will do whatever is necessary to bring us together to the goal: restoration and abundant life in Christ Jesus. Let’s continue to be and become that kind of church.
Join us in worship this week as we unpack this text together and celebrate the gift of God’s community.
See you there,