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Looking Ahead

Perhaps you have heard this before:
     God our Father, God our Father
          Once again, once again
         We will ask your blessing. 
         We will ask your blessing.
                  Amen. Amen.
While on vacation with Amy’s family, this was one of the prayers that our nieces and nephews would pray before meal times. It’s sung, and it’s pretty adorable. Most meals began like this…parents teaching their children how to pray. This is a good thing. But, why do we do this?
I don’t mean, why do we teach…but rather why do we pray, and perhaps more importantly, how would we answer the following questions about prayer if asked:
       Does God answer all prayers?
      Why do some prayers that seem so important go unanswered?
       When we pray and nothing happens was the answer “No”?
How we think about prayer and what we think about prayer matters. This Sunday, we’ll wrestle with some of these questions together. You’ll find it helpful to read Luke 11:1-13 in preparation for worship.
See you there,
Nic Merchant