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Looking Ahead

Today marks five weeks since Amy and I began this journey of parenthood, and I have a confession to make. As the time approached for Hannah’s birth, I became more and more concerned about what this new life was going to look like. I was happy with life the way it was. I largely had the freedom to determine how I spent my time away from work. I fished if I wanted to fish. I played basketball or tennis or slept-in when I wanted. My time was my own. I was concerned I would no longer have the freedom to choose to do the things I loved to do. I have found out I was right.
And I was wrong. I was right that the demands on my time would change. I was wrong that I would no longer get to spend my time doing the things I choose. I choose Amy and Hannah. On May 22, 2019, my heart changed, and it has been the beginning of a journey I am delighted to choose every single day. God is funny this way.
We regularly believe we know what we want and our actions demonstrate our doubt that God, the Creator, knows what we need. Amy and I felt called by God to parenthood, and yet I lacked the faith that God would take care of my heart. Where is God calling you? Do you know that God will care for your heart along the way and when you get there?
In our scripture for this week (Luke 9:51-62) we encounter Jesus on the road to Jerusalem interacting with potential followers who express a desire to be faithful BUT an unwillingness to surrender their lives to Christ’s cause.   This week in worship we’ll explore the question: Are we willing to go where Jesus leads?
See you there,
Nic Merchant