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Looking Ahead

Greetings family and friends of First Pres!
Last Sunday we celebrated Pentecost Sunday, the Church’s birthday, when the Spirit of God came rushing upon the community of believers in Jerusalem back in the first century. The giving of the Holy Spirit was the day God cemented the identity of the Church in the World: It is a community of Christ-followers who utilize their personal gifts by weaving them to other member’s gifts in the church in telling the Story of the mighty acts of God in the world. The Holy Spirit is not about “me” so much as it is about “us” and what God is leading us into the world to do.
Looking at what that means for First Presbyterian of Fort Lauderdale, our Session sees our church’s identity as being called by God to share the Good News by being an inspiring Christ-centered presence in Fort Lauderdale and transforming our local community and beyond. Our next step is to strategically look at how we are going to do just that!
Today, we are celebrating Trinity Sunday. It is the Sunday we remember that God exists in three persons we classically call the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit. Our scripture today is from John 16:12-15 and falls in the midst of the Farewell Dinner conversation between Jesus and the disciples the night he died.
If you are looking to join our church family, Pastor Nic is hosting the New Membership Connection next Sunday, June 23 at 9:30 a.m. If you have been waiting to join the church, this is a great Sunday to do so! Please know each of your pastors prays for you!
I look forward to seeing you this weekend! Be sure to invite and bring a friend or colleague with you and let them experience a church Where Faith Comes Alive! I am
Your pastor and friend,