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Looking Ahead

Dear Friends,
This Sunday, May 19, 2019, is the fifth Sunday of the Easter season. In many ways, this is an in-between time. We are between the resurrection of Jesus and His ascension to the Father. The early followers are between being a band of misfits following around a Jewish Rabbi to becoming the early church.
When I try and put myself in the shoes of these early Christians, I think there must have been great uncertainty and unease. Easter was a time of change. Ultimately, God was going to pour out His Spirit into the world and God was doing something new. But, how could they have fully understood this? Do we fully understand it even now? I am excited to wrestle with this together.
I hope you will join us for worship as we dig into scripture together. We are excited to welcome our graduating Happyland kindergarten class at the 9:30 a.m. worship. We will have an opportunity to pray over them and their parents as they prepare to make this transition to elementary school.
If you have the time, you will find it helpful to read Revelation 21:1-6 as you prepare for worship this Sunday.
See you there,
Nic Merchant