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Looking Ahead

Good day family and friends of First Pres!
This weekend is Mother’s Day and we pause to remember those women who were most influential in our growing up and well-being.  For many of us, those would be our moms; for others, this maternal person might be an older sister, an aunt, or grandmother. Whoever this person is to you, take time to do one of two things:
First, call them and express your sentiments as to the wisdom, nurture, and strength they tried to instill in you.
Second, if those women are now with the Lord, then take a walk or sit in your favorite quiet spot lifting them before God; use this time of prayer to thank God for their impact on you, or, spend time offering God’s words of forgiveness for those times they were less than loving. Also, this is a wonderful weekend to reflect upon the maternal and feminine aspects of God and see how they impact your walk with Jesus.
This Sunday is traditionally known as Good Shepherd Sunday in the Church. We will also be celebrating the Lord’s Supper in all three services and have some baptisms at 11 a.m. as well!  It’s going to be an exciting weekend! My words are built upon our texts from Psalm 23 and John 10:22-30, with the message entitled, The Velvet Grip of Jesus.
Kelly and I enjoyed our time away for a bit of rest and are grateful that you let us go and rejuvenate. Bring a friend to church this week!
Remember who you are! Tell the winsome Story of Jesus and be His hands and feet to the world! I am
Your pastor and friend,