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Looking Ahead

Math is lovely. My undergraduate degree is in mathematics and throughout my life one of the appealing characteristics of math was there are right and wrong answers. If something is not always true, it is false. It is clean and clear, neat and orderly. You can prove it. So, how did I end up in ministry?
This week’s text is perplexing, both on the surface and below. In this passage, Mary is chastised by Judas for “wasting” a bottle of perfume, perfume that could have been sold to provide food and other resources for the poor. Frankly, this sounds to me like a reasonable response. How can serving the poor be wrong? Jesus, who spends much of His ministry serving those on the margins, says in essence, “wrong answer.” Apparently, it is not always right to serve the poor. Sometimes there are other priorities. Huh? When? What are they? How do we know?
What do we do with this?
I am discovering the spiritual life is full of nuance. It is both messy AND beautiful, confusing AND wondrous. Our human tendency is to put things into neat categories. These people or behaviors are good and these people or behaviors are bad. Jesus won’t have it. He continues to reveal that the Kingdom of God is bigger, greater, and more complex than human categories.
As we continue our journey towards Jerusalem together this week, join us in worship. We will continue to discover an infinite God who loves creation by entering into it and saves creation by dying for it, messy and beautiful, confusing and wondrous.
See you there,