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Looking Ahead

Dear family and friends of First Pres,
Last night, we inaugurated the liturgical season of Lent at our Ash Wednesday service. Lent is a 40-day period when Christians slow down and thoughtfully ponder their Christian vocation and calling. It is a period of several weeks whereby we slow time down to walk with Jesus as He made His way to Jerusalem on Palm Sunday and eventually to the Cross.
Over the next several weeks, our preaching is going to be focused on a series on the Lessons from the wilderness. This Sunday’s text is from  Luke 4: 1-13 and marks the beginning of Jesus’ ministry as He is driven into the wilderness to be tested by the evil one. Lent is a time of our wilderness as well. Wilderness is the place where our spiritual character is tested and formed for the future task of living a life as a disciple and follower of Jesus.
Some of the issues we will be looking at over our Lenten journey are:
  • What are the lessons we are to learn in these 40 days?
  • Why are we apt to silence the prophetic voices we don’t want to hear?
  • Why do we blame God for our every day bad stuff in life?
  • What happens to our spiritual life when we fail or fight to adapt to changing times and ideas?
  • Finally, we will look at ways we (un)intentionally rob God.
Lent is a great time to invite your pre-churched friends and colleagues into the life of community in worship, in our Wednesday night studies, as well as in service. Who are you going to invite to walk with you on our Lenten journey?
Remember who you are, you are a child of God! Share the winsome news of Jesus with those you know and be His hands and feet in our needful world! I am
Your pastor and friend,