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Looking Ahead

I had the opportunity this past weekend to officiate a wedding ceremony. I find it to be one of the gifts of doing ministry. Not only is the ceremony special, but the entire process of preparing, meeting with the couple and learning how God has drawn these two people together through several sessions of premarital counseling is extraordinary. As a part of that process, we discuss family traditions and what of those traditions does each respective person want to bring into the marriage. Perhaps, it is how birthdays were celebrated or some right of passage for a child growing up. In marriage, God joins together these unique traditions and stories and forms a beautiful new thing.
This Sunday in our 11 a.m. worship service, we are going to be honoring the Scottish heritage of our denomination. Scottish Sunday is one of the beloved traditions of our church. Additionally, we will be honoring longtime members who have been a part of the First Pres family for 40+ continuous years. Each of these members has offered themselves and contributed to God’s story here at FPC. We will be celebrating the unique DNA of this church, an amalgamation of the unique stories of its faithful members. Following the 11 a.m. worship service, there will be a gathering in Fellowship Hall with refreshments and fellowship for all to enjoy.
It is exciting to consider how God will use your story in growing this community of faith. How will you contribute to the beautiful new thing that God is doing here, right now? What part will you play? We will continue in Luke’s gospel and very fittingly explore his telling of Jesus calling his first disciples as Jesus began to assemble a new faith community. If you have time, I’d encourage you to read Luke 5:1-11 as you prepare for worship.
See you there,