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Looking Ahead

Amy and I had the opportunity to travel to New York a couple of weeks ago, one last hurrah before the baby comes in a few months. It was a wonderful opportunity to get away, recharge, and spend some quality time with one another. Nonetheless, after just three days away, we were ready to come back to Fort Lauderdale, familiarity, and routine. A change of scenery is healthy, but being back here is like putting on a comfy old pair of jeans or sliding into your chair at home after a long day. It just feels right. Familiarity and routine are comfortable, and comfortable is nice. This is home, and we love our home.
In our scripture for this week, we continue in chapter four of Luke’s gospel, Jesus’ return home to Nazareth. People are at home and these people “know” this son of Joseph. They watched Him grow up. They have expectations for what He will say and how He will behave. Then Jesus begins to teach; His teaching differs from their expectations, so they try to throw Him off a cliff.
How do you react when your expectations are not met? Or when someone does not react as you would have predicted, or when a situation does not turn out the way you would have liked? Furthermore, how do other people’s expectations of you influence the things you say and do? I look forward to exploring some of these questions together.
If you have time, I’d encourage you to read Luke 4:21-30 as you prepare for worship.
See you Sunday,