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Looking Ahead

Dear family and friends of First Pres,
What is in a name? Names are important as they not only identify, names are used to call out, to empower, or to identify the character of that or who which is named. Names are a big deal in the Bible. God is always naming or renaming nations or individuals. Have you ever wondered why that is? 
This week we will be using Isaiah 62: 1-5 as our text. It’s a passage that has God talking about the business of changing people’s names. As we delve into the text, we will seek to understand why names in the Bible are important, as well as think about what name God might give each of us and our church. What name do you think you would like God to give you? Why would you want God to name you that? What name do you think He would give our church? Are you living into the name you think God would give you?
We look forward to seeing you Sunday as we offer God our worship and praise. Be sure to invite someone to come and worship with you and let’s spread a contagious, winsome Spirit of grace across our community! I am
Your pastor and friend,