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Looking Ahead


I found myself this week remembering what Christmas was like when I was a child, all the Christmas trappings accompanied by feelings of excitement, wonder, and eager anticipation. A friend shared with me this week that a family they knew waits until all of the kids have gone to sleep on Christmas Eve to decorate the entire house. Can you imagine what it must be like as a child in that house going to sleep…not knowing exactly what to expect in the morning but believing that when you opened your eyes it would be BREATHTAKING! 
I want to recapture that childlike wonder and thrilling anticipation in new ways. Our scripture this Sunday comes from Luke’s gospel (Luke 1:39-55) and recounts the visit of Mary to Elizabeth prior to the births of Jesus and John. When Mary enters Elizabeth’s house, Elizabeth shouts words of praise and Mary breaks out in song as these two women celebrate what God is going to do in and through them. This thing that God is doing has not happened and yet they cannot contain their childlike exuberance because of their belief in the goodness of God.
Join in with us these next six days as the excitement and anticipation builds with the knowledge of what God has done and is doing in our world. I am so grateful for what is happening here in our little corner of Fort Lauderdale in this community of faith. Let us approach these next days with prayerful anticipation and with the assurance that God is up to something breathtaking right here if we will open our hearts and believe.
See you Sunday,