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Looking Ahead


It’s all in front of us. People have begun traveling to see family. Perhaps you are finishing up the last few details at work before getting away for a day or two. Many of us will spend tonight vowing not to eat too much tomorrow and then spend tomorrow evening wondering why we still ate too much. Thanksgiving may be my favorite holiday, simply because it means that the Advent Season and all of Christmas lies in front of us.
After the leftovers are packed away tomorrow night and the sun rises on “Black Friday,” the race is on to Christmas…unless you decline to race. As Patrick reminded us last Sunday, it is up to us to decide whether or not these will be the “Holidays” or “Holy Days.” Will you spend these next six weeks worrying about presents for the ones you love or practice being present with the ones you love? Will you wear yourself out saying “yes” to every invitation and engagement or will you strategically say “no” allowing yourself margins and space to notice where God is inviting you to engage?
Sunday is Christ the King Sunday, the last Sunday before Advent. The day centers on the crucified and risen Christ, whom God exalted to rule over the whole universe. I am excited to see you on Sunday as we remember who is King in preparation for the journey toward Christmas.
If you have time you will find it helpful to read John 18: 33-37 in preparation for worship. Happy Thanksgiving from your First Pres family.
See you there,