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Looking Ahead

Dear Family and Friends of First Pres,

Over the last several weeks in our look at Ephesians, we have noted that Paul is imploring the Church, i.e. you and me, to make note and use of our spiritual gifts for the common good of the Church and for her ministry in the community.  Last week, we spent some time looking at the importance of measuring our words: Are they true? Do they build up or tear down? Do they mimic God’s loving character in the world?  This week, Paul continues to unpack what it means to live in the Christ-Following community.
Our text this week comes from Ephesians 5:15-20 and we will zero in on verse 16 where he says, “Make the most of your time as these days are darkly swirly” (my paraphrase!). I encourage you to take some time prior to Sunday and be thinking about your time and the investment of your time. If your time was currency, how are you investing it?  What type of dividend or return are you getting?
Please remember our Happyland Pre-school this coming week as our teachers begin their classes. Also, don’t forget our Congregational Meeting following the 11 a.m. service to elect an Associate Pastor Nominating Committee for a minister of Congregational Care!  Exciting times are among us, beloved!
Remember who you are, you are a beloved man and woman of God! Winsomely share the Story of Jesus Christ and be his grace-full hands to a broken and hurting world! I am
Your pastor and friend,