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Looking Ahead

Dear friends, 

I hope this message finds you well. I was having lunch with Chandler and Simeon this past week to hear about the high school mission trip and summer student ministry events. They pointed out that there is less than a month left before our students begin going back to school! Traditionally, summer is a time when many break away from normal patterns. I hope that you have been able to carve some time out this summer to get away or to simply relax at home from your everyday routines. Rest is important.

I’m excited to report that one of our high school students will be sharing their experience from last week’s mission trip as a part of our offering time.  You may recall that upon sending our students off we agreed to support them upon their return with our interest. Here is an opportunity to lean in with open ears and hearts to listen.

This week in worship we will continue to consider how we are called to respond when the Word of God comes into contact with the people of God. Remaining in Mark 6, we’ll focus specifically on verses 30-34 and 53-56, but I’d encourage you to read verses 35-52 as well as you prepare. I look forward to seeing you there.


Rev. Nic Merchant