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Looking Ahead

Dear family and friends of First Pres,

In all my years of walking with the Lord, I have learned that the power of a testimony has more impact in building faith than theology left on its own. It is the reason those who preach tell personal stories of how their message was made relevant in their everyday lives, because we are all people living a story, and we connect with them on a deeper level more than mere facts and figures alone. A testimony is theology given flesh and bone, hands and feet, and set into motion. It is our faith in God witnessing His works.

The witness of what God has done and is doing is a potent remedy against fear, doubt, despair, and other spiritual ailments which darken the door of our hearts. When we “brag on God,” we are sharing our faith with one another like family in a desert sharing water. After a sip, we look around and suddenly see green sprouts where once we only saw sand; budding flowers and trees with fruit where once were only bone-dry branches. In this day and age, it is vitally important for the Body of Christ to share testimony of what God has done and is doing, and that is what we plan to do this Sunday.   

Although Hurricane Maria ravaged Puerto Rico almost a year ago, the island and its people are still suffering major effects of the disaster, and will be for quite some time. This was made abundantly clear in June as First Presbyterian Church sent its College and Young Adults on a mission trip as boots on the ground to join the relief effort. We saw the devastation firsthand, and how much work there is still to be done. Likewise, we saw the green sprouts, budding flowers, and the trees with fruit which was the hand of God restoring, sustaining, and redeeming that place in the midst of her darkness. We would love to share with you the many stories of God’s faithfulness we witnessed on our trip, and hope you will join us this Sunday, July 8, for a sip of fresh water. God is as faithful as He has ever been.

“Behold, I am about to do something new; even now it is coming. Do you not see it? Indeed, I will make a way in the wilderness and streams in the desert.” Isaiah 43:19

Your brother in Christ,

Simeon Rodgers

Youth and Young Adult Intern