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Looking Ahead

Dear friends, 

I have enjoyed reflecting with a number of you this week on the testimonies of our young adults in worship this past week. It highlights for me not only the importance of working in the world, but also of the power of story. When we are willing to be vulnerable and share the story of how God has worked in and through us, it is impossible to put boundaries or limits on how the ripples will move and permeate the people around us. We are each given the choice. 

In preparation for worship I’d like you to read two different selections from this week’s lectionary passages: 2 Samuel 6 and Mark 6:14-29, focusing on the actions of David and the daughter of Herodias, respectively. In each, the protagonist dances. The very same action takes place and yet the motives and consequences are very different. God has supplied each of us with gifts, which we will either choose to use for His purpose or our own. How are you choosing to use yours?

I look forward to seeing you at one of our three services this Sunday morning.