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Looking Ahead

Dear family and friends of First Pres,

I want to once again thank everyone at the 8:30 and 9:30 services for their flexibility in changing venues for last week’s services. The bad news is the Neumann Center’s air conditioning unit is fried; the good news is we located another 600-pound motor like ours in Texas and it is on its way! We have a temporary fix for the air in the Neumann Center and so we will be back to normal this coming Sunday for Communion Sunday, July 1.

This week, we continue in Mark’s Gospel but move on to chapter 5. We are going to be looking at Mark 5:21-43 where one story is sandwiched in-between another story. As you pre-read for this week’s text, identify the two stories listed and see if you can see their relationship with one another. Specifically, we are going to zero in on the interruptions that occur in the narrative and I will build my thoughts around the notion of, “The Power of an Interruption.” Ponder for yourself, “What are the interruptions in my life and how do I deal with them?”

As a reminder, the Church Offices will be closed on Wednesday, July 4th in observance of the holiday. July Fourth is a time that we come together as a nation and thank God for the freedoms and blessings we enjoy in this country. It’s not a day about political party affiliation; it’s a day we remember the freedoms we have and share and ask ourselves if those freedoms and benefits are shared among all in our great nation. I lift up to you the prospect that this Fourth of July is to be approached as a day of worship and thanksgiving as opposed to one solely focused on America’s Three B’s – Boats, Beer, and BBQ!

Remember, too, that this Sunday is communion Sunday and any and all who profess Jesus as Lord and Savior are invited to the Table. Beloved, you are a child of God. Live into that identity! Share the Winsome Story of Jesus and be his hands and feet to the world! I am

Your pastor and friend,