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Looking Ahead

Dear family and friends of First Pres,

 Last Sunday, we spent some time looking at what it means to be a witness for our faith. We learned we are to be an eye-witness to what God has or is doing in our lives and that’s all. We are not to cajole, convert, manipulate others into believing in God in Christ; rather, we simply share what we have experienced ourselves. Nothing more. Nothing less. We leave the conversion stuff to the Holy Spirit.

This week, we are looking at the witness of First Pres and how it shapes her people and leaders. Once again, we will baptize a child into our family and make promises to raise him up in the admonition of the Lord so that one day he will stand before all of us and profess Christ. We are also going to hear from a person who is a standing witness to what a church is able to do when it faithfully raises a child in a way he or she should go. When a church is faithful in keeping their baptismal vows, they produce men and women of faith to carry the Gospel forward.

We are having one service of worship this Sunday, April 22, 2018 at 11 a.m. to experience the witness of one church’s attempts to further share the Gospel forward as we worship with the candidate the Associate Pastor, Designated Term Nominating Committee is placing before you for approval. This person will worship with us and then you will have the opportunity to ratify their choice for First Pres’ next Associate Pastor, Designated Term. We will then have a celebratory lunch in the Neumann Center celebrating not only our newest pastor, but also this church’s faithfulness in fulfilling her baptismal promises. This is a wonderful weekend to invite folks who have not been to church in a while; I promise this Sunday’s worship will ignite them!

I so look forward to seeing you this Sunday at our 11 a.m. service to experience what wonderful things God is doing among us! Remember who you are, you are a child of God! Be a winsome witness of Jesus Christ and be his hands and feet to a broken and needful world. I am

Your pastor and friend,