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Looking Ahead

Dear family and friends of First Pres,

Last week Dr. Benek gave a message reminding us that as Jesus breathed Holy Spirit and peace upon the disciples, each of us is to then breathe that Spirit and peace back out to those in the world. We do this in order to show pre-Christians that as the living Body of Christ, the Church, we are to be the physical presence and proof of the Risen Lord to the World. You, me – First Pres, we are the hands and feet of Jesus Christ to our broken and hurting world!

This Sunday, we will look at another one of Jesus’ post-Resurrection appearances to the disciples from Luke 24: 36-48. I encourage you to read the passage beforehand and place yourself in the text and the scene. If you were there with Jesus, what would you need to experience to believe? Why does Luke go out of his way having Jesus eat fish in front of them? One of the penetrating comments is when we read how, “Jesus opened their minds to understand the scriptures.” Did they have closed minds about scriptures? What does this mean to and for you? Bring your Bible and pen and let’s explore together what it means to be a witness of our Jesus experiences.

Finally, the following Sunday, April 22, is a huge day in the life of our congregation! We will be having only one worship service at 11 a.m. to worship with and to hear the candidate preach for the vacant Associate Pastor position! A Congregational Meeting will be held following the service to act upon the Associate Pastor Nominating Committee’s recommendation for the position. You don’t want to miss being here and miss out on this exciting day! It’s a day when the ship, called First Presbyterian Church, will be turned into the wind and the Spirit will fully fill our sails into the future! A light lunch will follow in the Fellowship Hall following the service and meeting.

Sisters and brothers, remember who you are, you are a child of God! Go be the hands and feet of Jesus to a hurting and broken world as together we winsomely proclaim the Good News of Jesus! I’ll see you in worship, and remember, bring a friend with you to worship! I am

Your pastor and friend,