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Looking Ahead

Dear Family and Friends of First Pres,

We are in the midst of our sermon series, “What it takes to stay focused on the Source.” Jesus is the Source of our faith and last week we noted 10 stones of basic Christian knowledge each of us should be familiar with as a foundation for our belief in God.

The ten things each of us should know something about are knowledge of:

This Sunday, we will get an overview of what we are supposed to do with all of the knowledge we have learned about God, focusing on I Corinthians 9:24-27. In order to be a faithful Christ-Follower, we are to take what we know (orthodoxy) and put flesh to it in discipleship and practice (orthopraxy). What we know translates into what we do. Consequently, we will look at ten basic Christian practices and disciplines that will help us express our faith in Christ. The ancient Reformers used to call this a “Disciple’s Rule for Faith and Life.” How can you develop yours?

Remember who you are (you are a child of God!). Proclaim the Good News of Jesus wherever you go and be his loving hands and feet to the world! I am

Your pastor and friend,