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The Heartwarming Story Behind the Search for Our New Pastor: Part II

The Pastor Nominating Committee (PNC) read several books, of which the most notable was, “The Art of Listening Prayer.” We spent a great deal of time in corporate prayer, asking God to make known to us, His choice for Senior Pastor at our church. This is the second story the PNC would like to share. It is an account by Matt Moore, of a God Wink.

“I always wonder if I really hear God when He tells me something. Sometimes I think I hear God tell me something but then things don’t work out the way I thought they would. Other times things work out exactly as I thought God told me they would. As far as Dr. Wrisley, I believe I did hear God tell me something very clearly. However, I had a hard time accepting the fact that God would communicate so clearly with me.

This past mid-summer I was really feeling like the PNC got stuck going up another mountain on our journey. I was starting to think we would never unanimously agree upon a candidate. Just before I left town with the middle schoolers for Great Escape, the PNC had a video conference with Dr. Wrisley. He seemed to be very personable, down to earth and straightforward with us in the interview. I felt he was the first candidate that everyone on the PNC liked right from the beginning.

The second morning of Great Escape I woke up early with Dr. Wrisley on my mind, so I asked God for clarity about him. I then forgot about it, grabbed my Bible, The Great Escape devotional, a cup of coffee and headed down to the lake for some quiet time before the kids got up. Part of the devotional contained a memory verse of the day that the speaker challenged the kids to memorize. That day’s verse contained a list of things so I decided to teach my small group a memory technique where you take the first letter of each word and make a word or sentence that is easy to remember. The sentence I came up with was; “The hog ran past Lake Admiral.” As soon as I came up with that sentence I heard the distinct sound of a Harley Davidson motorcycle (aka: a hog) drive by camp. I remembered that during our interview Dr. Wrisley mentioned that he had a Harley Davidson and he referred to it as his “hog.” Right when the morning quiet time was over I heard the Harley Davidson go by again and that was the one morning we had bacon for breakfast. The rest of the day and the next I continually pondered whether or not God was telling me that Dr. Wrisley was the one He prepared to lead FPC into the future. When we had pork tenderloin for dinner I decided that God was probably trying to tell me that Dr. Wrisley was the one we were looking for and I decided to share that experience with the rest of the PNC. The next morning Sarah ran into Nic and took a picture of him wearing a tee shirt with a hog on it and sent it to the PNC.

I was teaching the day the PNC was going to ask session to approve the Terms of Call for Dr. Wrisley. The class ran late and I was not sure if I was going to make it in time. In typical south Florida style, I got stuck in traffic on I-595. As I was getting more frustrated and worried that I was going to miss the meeting I got around the traffic delay. It was being caused by about 15 Harley Davidson motorcycles going slow. I realized then that God was trying to tell me to relax, He has it all under control. I guess if God talked to Moses through a burning bush, He can talk to me through a hog.”

The PNC would like to encourage you to listen for God in your day-to-day and ask yourself, who can I bring with me to church on Dr. Wrisley’s first day preaching? January 21st is in just a few days, accept the PNC challenge, EACH ONE. BRING ONE! The challenge is for every person to bring at least one person with them on Sunday. Who will you bring? We encourage our children, youth, and adults to all bring a friend with them.

Together in His Grip,
PNC Ambassadors (Formerly PNC)