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Looking Ahead

Greetings family and friends of First Pres!

This past Sunday, we took some time to remind ourselves of what the Source and Fountainhead of our faith is in Mark’s Gospel. Mark reminds us that all of us are to have our source of strength and faith in Jesus Christ, who has promised us that the kingdom of God is among us this very moment. 

It is all well and good that Jesus is the Source of our faith (ad fontem) but how do you and I in our daily lives stay focused on Him? This is what we are going to unpack over the next three weeks leading up to Lent.

This Sunday, we will look at what each of us needs to know about God from our Christian tradition, focusing on Mark 1: 21-28. The next week, we will look at what Christian practices we are invited to do to develop our spiritual life. On the final week, we will note that what we know impacts what we do, and together, our knowledge and practices shape each of us in our hearts.

The next three weeks will be a broad outline of how I hope we as a church can move forward together in our Christian education, discipleship, and self-development of who we are as people and as a church.

Be thinking of you who should invite to church with you this week! Remember who you are (you are a child of God!). Share the winsome Story of Jesus Christ and be his hands and feet in the world! I am

Your pastor and friend,