401 SE 15th Ave.
Ft. Lauderdale, FL 33301

Looking Ahead

Dear friends and family of First Pres, 

Today is an exciting day for me as I officially begin celebrating worship with a brand-new church family! Kelly and I are overwhelmed by the love, grace, and kindness you have shown us as we have been integrating into the community. I was sitting on my patio Saturday evening and as I looked up at the sky, I was overwhelmed with a sense of peacefulness that our Lord God has brought us together; my feeling of call was very pronounced. In a word, we feel like we are truly home.

This Sunday, we will be spending time in Mark 1:14-20. It’s a wonderful text for us to begin our journey together as it talks about our Christ-Followership and what exactly we ground our faith upon. You may not know it already, but I carry a small compass in my right front pocket. Every time I put my hand in my pocket I feel the little brass compass and remind myself as to what provides me the direction in my daily life. A compass points to magnetic north, to the Pole Star, Polaris. It reminds me to focus upon the pole star in my life that gives me direction.   

What gives you direction in your life? What does the compass in your pocket or purse point to that gives your ultimate direction? Job? Family? Career or investments? A hobby? These are some of the things we will be looking at this weekend. We will also be celebrating the baptisms of two very young and precious girls who will be adopted into the covenant family of the faith at 11 a.m.! It’s going to be grand, festive morning!

Remember who you are, you are a child of God! Winsomely share the good news of Christ and be his hands and feet in the world! I am,

Your pastor and friend,